Composites Provide Long Term Durability to the Corrosion Industry

The corrosion industry often works with chemicals and natural elements that can cause damage to equipment. In the past, equipment made from traditional materials required regular maintenance and repair, and sometimes replacement, due to the harsh environment surrounding the equipment. For this reason, the corrosion industry has turned to composite materials to manufacture their products. 

Composite materials such as vinyl ester and polyester resins are corrosion-resistant, fire retardant and can withstand the harsh environmental elements of the gas extraction and energy generation industries, as well as other avenues of the corrosion industry. Composite materials have earned their place as the building blocks of the corrosion industry largely due to the number of benefits they possess. 

Corrosion-Resistant Composites Make the Corrosion Industry More Efficient

Composites such as vinyl ester and polyester resins have long been the building blocks of the composites world. Because of their low cost and high durability, these composite materials have also become the foundation for the corrosion industry. 

Polyester and vinyl ester resins are resistant to corrosion and some are also fire retardant, making them the ideal composite materials for the corrosion industry. Coupled with the design flexibility and the quick cure time of these materials, vinyl ester and polyester resins are making the corrosion industry more efficient and arguably more effective. By using composite materials that can better withstand the harsh elements of the corrosion industry, engineers can spend more time making advancements instead of equipment repairs and replacements due to corrosion damage. 

Composites One is the Leading Supplier of Composites for the Corrosion Industry

Composites One is recognized as the leading supplier of composite materials in North America. Our technical specialists work closely with professionals in the corrosion industry to ensure the composite materials delivered are able to withstand the harsh environments of the project ahead. We also offer quality personal protection equipment (PPE) to ensure your workers stay safe while on the job. Contact our team at Composites One today to learn more.