Composites: The Market Demands Sustainable Materials

Considered to be the next industrial revolution, advanced composites are leading the way in sustainable materials. Manufacturers are actively searching for materials that reduce energy consumption and overall carbon emissions, as well as materials that offer more environmentally sustainable properties. The implementation of advanced composites into conventional manufacturing processes can lead to lower production costs as well as improve the endorsement of sustainable goods and materials. Markets and governments from around the world demand that manufacturers improve their environmental impact and advanced composites are a viable solution for this.

Composites provide manufacturers the opportunity to replace inefficient materials such as steel aluminum all while lowering weight and improving strength. Companies such as Composites One supply the highest-quality, advanced composites to manufacturers requiring energy efficient materials.

The Growing Demand for Sustainable Composite Materials

As mentioned above, governments and markets from all around the world are looking to manufacturers to reduce environmental impact and carbon emissions. Manufacturers from the automotive and aerospace industries are taking action to implement new, advanced composites in order to reduce weight and improve design strength. The overall goal of reducing weight of automobiles, aircrafts, and other forms of transportation is to improve fuel efficiency and conserve energy. Companies like Composites One can supply composite structures for numerous applications. 

Sustainable Composite Properties

Unlike many other traditional materials, composites can be formulated and engineered to meet application-specific requirements. Most manufacturers require finalized composites to be flexible, lightweight, durable, and most importantly, long lasting. These properties make composites a viable option for sustainable energy harvesting such as harvesting wind with turbines. Today, wind turbine blades are comprised of advanced composites such as carbon fiber and prepregs in order to harness as much wind energy as possible. With the help of composites, wind turbine blades are manufactured to be lighter, stiffer, longer, and more responsive to wind changes. 

Moving Forward with Sustainable Composites

Although composites have made an impact in the development of sustainable materials, there is still progress to be made. As manufacturing innovation continues to grow each and every day, we are likely to see advance composites being utilized in many new applications. The beneficial properties of composites are undeniable, and the implementation of these advanced materials are going to make a positive impact on how we manufacture and consume energy. Suppliers such as Composites One are providing game-changing reinforced composites to manufacturers from an array of industries in order to push innovation and development of more sustainable materials.

Why Choose Composites One as Your Advanced Composites Supplier

Composites One is the largest supplier of composite and high performance materials in North America. Our technical sales team is available to help clients in many industries, including sustainable energy, find the composite materials they need in a timely manner so they can continue to produce high quality products. Contact us today for more information about how Composites One is your total composites solution.