Corrosion doesn’t phase basalt composites

One of the biggest benefits of composites is they have a strong resistance to many forms of corrosion. This is one reason why they’re used so extensively in applications for the marine and oil and gas industries, among others. Continuous fiber basalt composites are one example of a composite that offers superior corrosion resistance compared to traditional materials like metal and wood.

Four types of corrosion basalt composites resist

Basalt composites were first patented in the United States by Paul Dhe in 1923. They were also tested in a variety of military applications in the 1970s, but were ultimately shelved in favor of fiberglass composites. Now, basalt composites are making a comeback as an alternative to glass and carbon fiber composites.

Basalt composites are made from the igneous rock of the same name, and this fact means that basalt composite fibers offer a number of benefits. For one thing, basalt composites can be produced with no additives, while glass fibers typically include additives like aluminum. Since other materials don’t need to be mixed into them, basalt composites are much easier to prepare for extrusion than glass fibers. Other benefits include the material’s high breaking load and high level of stiffness.

However, one of the biggest benefits of basalt composites is their superior resistance to corrosion. In fact, continuous fiber basalt materials have proven resistant to corrosives such as:

  • Extreme temperatures
  • Ultraviolet light
  • High-energy electromagnetic radiation
  • Acids

With more viable basalt sources being discovered in the northwestern United States and Hawaii, basalt composites may be poised to play an increasing role in the composites industry. They may be especially vital to new products being produced for industries that require high resistance to many forms of corrosion. With this high level of potential, continuous fiber basalt composites may turn out to be one of the most sought-after materials for the composite products of the future.

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