Corrosion-Resistant Composites: Benefits for Semi-Trailers

Corrosion resistance is one benefit to composites bring to many transportation applications. Composites are used in everything from aircraft to ships. However, one transportation application that particularly benefits from composites is semi-trailers.

Corrosion resistance and other benefits composites offer semi-trailers

One tool that’s extremely important to the U.S. transportation industry is the semi-trailer, and these trailers take advantage of corrosion resistance and other benefits offered by composite components. A semi-trailer is a freight trailer attached and supported at its front end by the fifth wheel hitch of a heavy truck. The first semi-trailer was manufactured in 1899, and from there, the U.S. transportation industry has never looked back, with semi-trailers transporting more than 70 percent of all the freighted goods in the United States.

Composite materials offer many benefits to the modern-day version of the semi-trailer. The biggest benefit that these materials offer to this transportation workhorse is corrosion resistance. These trailers must deal with corrosives like wind, rain and grit on the outside and chemicals and other corrosive cargos on the inside. Luckily, composites offer today’s semi-trailer superior resistance to the interior and exterior corrosives they come in contact with. They also allow these trailers to be lighter, to need less maintenance, and to have a much longer service life.

There are many composite components that are included in modern semi-trailers. Some of these components include:

  • Roof panels
  • Interior linings
  • Wall panels
  • Scuff plate
  • Side skirts

Thanks to the benefits that composite materials offer; semi-trailers are likely to be a freight transportation mainstay for the foreseeable future.

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