Improving composites in the aerospace industry with Surface Analyst XA

Precision in the manufacturing process of aerospace components is important for the performance and safety of aerospace vehicles. That’s why aerospace industries are constantly searching for improvements in the manufacturing process of aerospace composites.

One of the most important areas of improvement in aerospace composites is evaluating material surfaces for consistency and to identify any errors. Thanks to the Surface Analyst XA from BTG Labs, evaluating composite surfaces just got a little easier.

What is the Surface Analyst XA?

The Surface Analyst XA is an automatic scanning device that can evaluate the surfaces of materials, including:

  • Adhesions
  • Coating
  • Printing
  • Painting
  • Sealing

The Surface Analyst XA integrates with any production line to improve the speed of surface evaluation and quality control. It is capable of performing more than 5,000 measurements per hour.

The Surface Analyst XA works by dropping a highly-purified HPLC-grade water droplet on the surface of your composite material. The device uses this single drop of water to measure the contact angle and detect any inconsistency on the surface.

The Surface Analyst XA and aerospace composites

The Surface Analyst XA offers many benefits to composite manufacturers in the aerospace industry. These benefits include:

  • Speed — The Surface Analyst XA can perform more than 5,000 measurements per hour without sacrificing precision.
  • Accuracy — The XA eliminates the possibility of variation that occurs with multiple operators in unautomated systems, so its performance is always consistent and accurate.
  • Simplicity — The readings are produced in an easy-to-understand CSV format.
  • Gentleness — Since all that actually touches the surface of the composite material is a single drop of highly-purified water, there is no damage to the material during the evaluation.

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