Injection-Molded Composite Energy Absorbers Proven Worthy

Injection molding is a process used to make composite parts for a variety of industries. One industry that has increased its use of such parts over the past two decades is the automobile industry. Composite energy absorbers for car bumpers have brought many benefits to automobile manufacturers.

Benefits of composite energy absorbers made by injection molding

Injection molding was used to create the very first composite energy absorber for the rear bumper of the 2003 Honda Element. Since that auspicious beginning, composite energy absorbers have seen increased use in motor vehicle bumpers. They’ve been in continuous service for fifteen years now and have been adopted across the auto industry. These composite components have the distinction of being awarded a spot in the 2018 Automotive Innovation Awards Hall of Fame, which is sponsored by the Society of Plastics Engineers.

These energy absorbers have risen to such heights thanks to the composite process known as injection molding. This process involves resins and supporting materials being injected at high pressure into a mold. The resins then react chemically to create the final cured product. Thanks to this process, composite energy absorbers have brought several benefits to the automobile industry. Some of these benefits include:

  • Reducing the amount of space taken up by bumper energy absorbers
  • Lowering the production costs for this component significantly
  • Having better damageability performance than the polypropylene foam absorbers they replaced

These benefits offered by composite energy absorbers produced by injection molding are likely to ensure that this component remains a mainstay in automobile bumpers for a long time to come.

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