Molding the Molds that Mold Composites

There’s no shortage of industries and applications that are actively benefiting from using composite products. With the demand for composites production in growing arenas, the reliability of the tools used to manufacture composites has become just as critical as the composites.

Composites tools are constructed similarly to composite products themselves, and thus provide similar benefits over alternative tooling products made with traditional materials. When carbon fiber is used in composites tooling, for example, it creates a less expensive option while still offering standard benefits such as reduced weight and increased durability.

Quality and Quantity matter

The quality with which composite tools are made lends itself directly to the quality of the composite parts they are being used to produce. There is a wide range of materials and methods available for composites tooling manufacturing, with the appropriate approaches being dictated by the production quantity and rigor requirements of the tools. While composite tools can be easily and affordably constructed, it is important for manufactures to source composites materials from a supplier with the expertise and resources to determine the best manufacturing approach to meet their job requirements.

As the distributor for Solvay tooling materials, we’re seeing to it that the wide-reaching industries and applications that rely on composites for benefits like lighter weight, lower cost and greater durability, get to experience the same benefits from the tools they use.

The list is expansive of industries that trust Composites One for composite tooling materials. Among them are aerospace, construction, consumer recreation, defense/ballistics, industrial, infrastructure, marble/solid surface, marine, transportation, and wind energy.

Our partnership with Solvay means we can further service the composites industry with the products, technical support and industry expertise that make companies successful in benefiting from composites use and integrating composites into their manufacturing processes. 

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