Personal Protective Equipment: Composite-Toe Boot Benefits

Personal protective equipment is used widely throughout the composites manufacturing industry. One form of personal protective equipment that can benefit workers on the floor of composite production facilities is composite-toe work boots.

Benefits of composite-toe boots for composite industry workers

One piece of personal protective equipment that composite industry workers can benefit from is work boots or shoes that have a composite safety toe. Tracing their ancestry back to the protective wooden shoes used by Dutch farmers, modern composite-toe boots continue to offer foot and toe protection to the composite industry worker.

This form of personal protective equipment is designed to protect workers’ feet and toes from being injured in the workplace. Thanks to composite-toe boots, workers are now able to benefit from composite materials in personal protective equipment that they wear every day. Some of the composite materials used to manufacture composite-toe boots and shoes include Kevlar and carbon fiber.

Injuries that composite-toe boots can help prevent include both crush and compression injuries. Due to the high likelihood of crush and compression injuries, the high-speed environment of a composite manufacturing facility is the perfect example of a place where foot safety is required.

Composite-toe boots offer a variety of other benefits when compared to traditional steel-toe work boots. Some of these benefits include:

  • Allowing composite-toe boots to be 30 percent lighter than steel-toe boots
  • Reducing worker leg fatigue thanks to reduced weight
  • Meeting the same safety standards as steel-toe boots
  • Not conducting electricity, heat or cold

All of the benefits provided by this form of personal protective equipment allow composite industry workers to be more comfortable and still keep their toes and feet safe in the workplace.

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