Personal Protective Equipment: Helping to Reduce Isocyanate Exposure

There are many reasons that workers in the composites industry should have access to and make use of personal protective equipment, and one important reason for using such equipment is the potential for exposure to isocyanates. 

Isocyanates are one of the many chemicals that make up polyurethane resins, which are used heavily in making various composite products. However, it is important to limit exposure to this group of chemicals, so it is critical that workers wear the appropriate personal protective equipment when working with isocyanates and resins containing them. 

Why PPE is Important When it Comes to Isocyanate Exposure

Many of the health complications that composite industry workers are exposed to in their work can be dealt with by having excellent safety training, well thought out hazardous material handling protocols and the correct personal protective equipment. 

Some of the health issues that are associated with isocyanate exposure in composite industry workers may include:

  • Skin irritation and rashes
  • Mucous membrane inflammation
  • Redness and itchiness of the eyes
  • Chest tightness
  • Difficulty breathing

Therefore, having or creating a safety plan for working with isocyanates is vital to worker safety and health.

Personal Protective Equipment that Reduces the Risk of Isocyanate Exposure

Personal protective equipment should be used by workers in the composite production industry for a variety of hazards, and one of the principal hazards this equipment can be used to protect against is isocyanate exposure. 

Indeed, there are several types of safety and protection equipment that can help reduce the risk of contracting one of the health conditions associated with isocyanate hazards. These articles of equipment include: 

  • Disposable suits
  • Neoprene, nitrile or butyl rubber gloves
  • Safety goggles
  • Full-face respirators if substance is being handled in liquid form

Correct us of all of these articles of equipment combined with proper safety training and hazard handling protocols can help keep workers safe from exposure to isocyanates.

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