Prepregs Offer Many Benefits to Many Industries

Prepregs are reinforcement materials such as fiberglass or carbon fiber that have been pre-impregnated with a thermoplastic or thermoset resin prepreg composites are the most common materials used in advanced composite manufacturing. Epoxy resins are the most used in the prepreg process.

Prepregs are often used in composites manufacturing by industries that demand high performance and require materials with high mechanical properties and low weight. Prepregs offer these superior qualities due to their tightly controlled resin content.

Many markets use prepregs as part of their composites manufacturing processes. Aerospace, defense, automotive, marine, transportation, consumer goods, and wind energy are just a few examples of industries that are experiencing the benefits of using prepregs in composites manufacturing.

Prepregs add value to many composites manufacturing processes

Composites manufacturing processes such as compression molding and, in specific instances, filament winding can all benefit from incorporating prepregs. Manufacturers can improve operational performance by increasing production and cost efficiency, , consistency, and performance. Prepregs offer further benefits in their curing process, requiring less time to cure.

Additionally, prepreg can be processed in different ways depending on the application. The most common prepreg processing techniques are vacuum bagging, often used for high-performance aerospace, auto, wind, and marine applications, as well as autoclave curing, used to produce high-quality structural parts.

As the use of prepregs in composites manufacturing is further developed, manufacturers will focus on automation and creating larger, more complex structures and parts for the marine, aerospace, and wind energy markets. With prepregs, efficiencies can be achieved by offering quicker lay-up and a cleaner work environment.

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