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Aerovac combines the legacy of high-quality vacuum bagging and process materials with modern and innovative supply chain solutions and a laser-sharp focus on customers. Aerovac, with extensive technical support, is the complete vacuum bagging and process materials supplier.

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Bagging Films

Bagging film products are critical to the success of manufacturing parts with closed molding, vacuum bagging, and out-of-autoclave processes. At Aerovac, we offer a comprehensive range of bagging film products with features such as welded wide format or tailored shapes to reduce labor costs.

Release Films

Release film products are specially formulated to suit a variety of individual composite process applications. Perforation capability allows the manufacturer to tightly control a variety of perforations including traditional pin-prick, hot needle and punched, in a comprehensive range of patterns. Release film can also be slit to width, or cut to shape.

Breather Fabrics

Breather fabric is a 100% non-woven polyester or nylon fabric that is designed to allow airflow throughout the vacuum bagging process as well as bleed out an excess resin in a composite part. It allows great conformity around a composite part while under vacuum pressure. Aerovac manufactures breather fabric in standard roll formats, slit widths, or cut shapes tailored to meet your requirements.

Peel Ply

Aerovac peel ply products are available in multiple materials and formats to offer flexibility in options and to match application requirements. Light to heavyweight woven fabrics are available in both nylon and polyester, and some are also available with adhesive backing in order to simplify the consumable application process. Peel ply is available in standard formats, slit widths and cut to shape formats.

Release Fabrics

Systems vary in resin and cure temperature requirements. To satisfy specific application requirements, Aerovac makes light to heavyweight woven fabrics in nylon, glass and polyester, with silicone and fluoropolymer coatings. Release fabric is available in standard formats, slit widths and cut to shape.

Sealant Tape

Aerovac offers a comprehensive range of sealant tapes that have been tried and tested in many different and challenging manufacturing environments. Our tapes have been specially formulated to suit a range of cure temperatures, from ambient cures to high temperature thermoplastic cures of 400°C to meet your requirements. Various weights are available.

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