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Over 45 Years of Marine Innovation

Arjay Technologies, a brand of IPS Adhesives, manufactures a full line of filled polyester adhesives for the boat building industry that are well known for their performance, consistency and cost savings.

Arjay products were born from our experience as an efficiency-oriented fiberglass parts builder in the 1970s, combined with the process innovation and resin formulation expertise we developed over the years. Our products quickly became the industry’s go-to adhesives for their ease-of-use and overall dependability.

Featured Arjay Products

Arjay 7121 Vinyl Ester
Superior Strength & Versatility for Critical Bonds
Arjay Technology’s Vinyl Ester is specially formulated with Bisphenol-A based epoxy vinyl ester resin for superior physical properties when compared to polyester resins. This has made it the ideal choice for many marine applications where the bonds are structurally critical, including liner to hull, strake filling, bulkhead bonding, and more.

Arjay 4501 J-Core for HardTops
Light Weight Performance for Bonding Hard Tops and Other Sandwich Bonds
Weighing in at the incredible light weight of less than 5 pounds per gallon, you will almost wonder how one of our most popular bonding compounds can possibly be as strong as it is.  The secret to J-Core’s success is its unique blend of physical properties that allow it to pump great, trowel easily, and bond strong every time.

Arjay 2121 Radius & 5121 Premium Radius Compound
Lower Exotherm Means Less Print
In recent years boat builders increasingly have designed sharp radii and style lines into their models. The challenge on the floor becomes laminating those tight radii and not leaving air voids. Arjay’s Radius Compounds rise to these challenges by providing a tough, resilient, low shrink substrate between the gel coat and skin laminate that will allow you to produce void free parts that require little to no finish work.

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Arjay Dried Compound
Arjay Filling Compound
Arjay Applying The Product