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Elastocast® Cold Cast Elastomer Systems

Elastocast® polyurethanes are two-component, custom-formulated cold cure elastomer systems.  These materials can range in hardness from shore 20 “A” scale to  shore 70 “D” scale and can be used for a variety of applications.  The physical properties, cure profile and processing characteristics can be adjusted to meet a customer’s specific requirements.

Elastocast® Hot-Cast Elastomer Systems

Elastocast® polyurethanes are two-component, custom-formulated, hot-cast elastomer systems. Processed at high temperatures (around 170°F), these polyurethanes display high-strength properties, while retaining elasticity. Their durability and resilience make hot-cast elastomers well-suited for demanding applications, such as bumper pads, coated conveyor belts, dead-blow hammers, drive belts, forklift tires and wheels.

Elastopor® Rigid Polyurethane Foam System

Elastopor is a closed-cell polyurethane rigid foam used in a wide range of thermal insulation applications due to its excellent insulation properties.Rigid polyurethane foam boasts extremely low thermal conductivity levels matched by no other conventional insulant. Good mechanical and physical properties and excellent adhesion mean the material has a wide range of applications. The ability of the Elastopor to flow through and adhere to complex shapes and surfaces provides a freedom of design as well as complete insulation, even in unconventional straight angles, and long, thin designs. Elastopor systems are available in densities ranging from 2 pcf to 25 pcf.

Elastofoam® Flexible Integral Systems

The combination of a lightweight, flexible foam core and a compact, tough skin result in the typical characteristics of Elastofoam ®.

The flexible PU integral foam is distinguished for: decorative surface finish, high abrasion resistance, resistant to mechanical stress and chemicals elasticity even after continuous stress and low thermal conductivity

Elastocoat®  Cold Cast Systems and Coatings

Compact, i.e. non-foamed products, are made with Elastocoat ®  Depending on their application, these can be soft-elastic, tough/rigid, highly wear-resistant, chemical-resistant, with derivation ability, light-fast etc. They are processed using both low and high pressure units. Elastocoat ® products can be used in virtually all sectors of industry like the construction and timber industry, in mining, medical technology and in agriculture.

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