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CFOAM® carbon foam is an incredibly versatile product produced from pulverized coal. CFOAM® carbon foams are extremely strong, fire proof, and can be customized to achieve a number of properties. This amazing product can be used in any number of applications, including composite tooling, heat transport, and blast protection systems. Produced in panels 97 cm x 46 cm x 5+ cm (38” x 18” x 2+”), CFOAM® carbon foams have the following properties:

  • Compatible with virtually any adhesive or composite system
  • Energy-absorbing for crash mitigation, insensitive munitions or lightweight armor
  • Can conduct heat as well as aluminum at just 1/5th the weight
  • Excellent insulator even at very high temperatures
  • Easily machined very quickly using very durable inexpensive diamond tooling
  • The coefficient of thermal expansion is very low and matches carbon fiber composite materials very well
  • Non-combustible material that acts as an excellent firewall or fireproof door for aircraft, ships or buildings
  • Very strong at low densities makes it an excellent candidate for use in many markets
  • Useful for absorbing low frequency vibrations from internal combustion engines
  • Manufactured as either a thermal insulator or thermal conductor with a range of thermal conductivity from 0.1 W/m-K to over 200 W/m-K
  • CFOAM® is produced in a very “green” manner; there is no burning of coal and the carbon footprint from the production is very small


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