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sink mold fibers

For more than 50 years, Chem-Trend has been a global leader in the development of solutions for molding and casting process challenges.

Chem-Trend is the most proven partner in the world for release agents, purging compounds, and other process chemical specialties. Using a customer-centric approach and deep research and development, we listen and deliver, helping create certainty and success. 

At Chem-Trend, we are more than producers of release agents. We are agents of change, passionately helping to define the future of manufacturing. Our Chemlease® brand of products is respected around the world for quality and reliability. We spend thousands of hours on the plant floors of composites processors and have world-class laboratories to develop solutions to improve your operating efficiency.  

For more information, visit online at: www.chemtrend.com

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CO District Training
CO Autoclave Straight Loading
Chem-Trend Technician using an Autoclave for Testing
COSpray Application