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For four generations, the Chomarat Group has cultivated its ability to act entrepreneurially, to diversify, to anticipate future developments, and to seize opportunities. All of this underpinned by strong values: fairness, boldness, and long-term vision.

International and family owned, the group has been based in the Ardèche, southern-eastern France, for more than a century. Today it employs nearly 1,500 people across four continents, in five countries: France, USA, China, Tunisia and Spain.

Our three Strategic Business Units – Composites, Textiles and Fashion – leverage their expertise to help our customers execute their increasingly ambitious plans.
Our technologies – for wovens, multiaxials, sandwich reinforcements and thermo plastics – combined with the most suitable materials such as glass, aramid and carbon, yield responses for a host of composite applications in many sectors: transportation, marine, sports and leisure and energy.

A pioneering developer of reinforcements for closed mold processes, Chomarat is known for its flagship brands such as Rovicore™, Roviflow™ and Aramat™. A keen innovator, the group has invested in carbon technologies through its C-WEAVE and C-PLY™ ranges for direct processes.

Harnessing 50 years of experience and customer partnerships, Chomarat’s Composites Business Unit has developed a unique array of know-how for designing and producing high performance reinforcements.

For more information, Visit online: www.chomarat.com or download our brochure.

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Supplier in Action

rovicore conformability
Rovicore™ displays impressive conformability
finished part
Finished parts exhibit a high quality finish
single sided rovicore
Single sided Rovicore™ for use with core materials
rovicore ply
Rovicore™ Ply adds multiaxial strength