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DIAB is a time proven solutions provider. Our Divinycell foams have 30 years of applied sales to Marine, Aerospace, Wind Energy, and Industrial applications giving us the experience and capability to take on any composite sandwich application.

DIAB specializes only in sandwich construction. With performance cores and engineering services DIAB offers the most efficient solutions for products needing to be light, strong and competitive. We don’t deal in fibers, resins and disposables. DIAB only sells cores.

Looking to the future. Our new thermoplastic product developments broaden our product portfolio and expand our application base. Thermoplastic foams offer new levels in elevated temperature processing and application capability. Divinycell P and F are the future in high temperature, low fire smoke & toxicity (FST) foams for use in passenger rail, building construction, and commercial aircraft applications.

DIAB is committed to the environment. Our new products are environmentally friendly and are recoverable. Our legacy products are optimized to remove any components that don’t provide structural value or could threaten our environment.

DIAB Technical Services support our products and your applications. Our products are complex and technical. We take customer applications seriously. DIAB offers design, engineering, and application services with the goal to make our customer and prospects successful.

From concept to realization, contact DIAB to see how DIAB is your partner in sandwich technology.

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Divinycell Composite Material
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