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Hexcel Corporation is a leading advanced composites company that manufactures and markets lightweight, high-performance structural materials, including carbon fibers, reinforcements for composites, prepregs, honeycomb, matrix systems, adhesives and composite structures, used in commercial aerospace, space and defense and industrial applications.

Hexcel offers an unmatched breadth and depth of products and services to the composites industry. It manufactures the full spectrum of advanced material solutions including everything from fiber to fabrics and resin formulation to thermosetting prepregs, new solutions for out of autoclave processing, molding materials, composite tooling, honeycomb and machined core. As a complete composites solutions provider, it is able to vertically integrate its quality products through all phases of its customers’ needs.

With such an expansive portfolio, Hexcel’s product lines are applied across a variety of markets which spurs a constant drive for innovation and cost-competitive production. This culture of innovation allows it to embrace the exploration of new ideas, to challenge the impossible and succeed beyond expectations to support and anticipate customer requirements. Hexcel has been a pioneer at the forefront of the composites industry for over 60 years and will continue to pave the way for the future.

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