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Polynt is a world leader in the production and distribution of composite resins, gel coat and industrial cleaners. Our global reputation is based on our long history of solution-oriented research, product innovation and a dedication to consistently meet – and exceed – the needs of our customers.

Composite Resins

Polynt offers North America’s most complete line of polyester and vinyl ester resins for composite applications. Decades of Polynt product development and experience in the composites industry has yielded many of the industries’ top resin systems. The STYPOL® and POLYLITE® product lines make up a wide variety of workhorse resins designed for both reinforced and non-reinforced applications. DION® & EPOVIA® resins are among the market’s most established and recognized corrosion resistant products, including a complete selection of vinyl ester resins. The HYDREX® series is made up of high-performance resins designed for excellent hydrolytic stability in non-industrial applications. The OPTIMOLD® and OPTIPLUS® technologies are designed for high end mold and tool making.

Gel Coats

Polynt is the world leader in the development and production of polyester gel coats, offering the most comprehensive and complete line of gel coats for all composite applications. Polynt’s POLYCOR® product series has been a staple in the industry for over 5 decades and continues to be among the most trusted brand of gel coat in the composites industry. Higher performance brands such as ARMORCOTE®, ARMORFLEX®, IMEDGE® and FUSION® offer unique and cutting-edge performance characteristics found nowhere else in the market today.

Industrial Cleaners

Polynt’s THERMACLEAN® product series offers a variety of water and solvent based cleaners that create a greener, safer work environment with significantly reduced fire and health risks. Products such as Replacetone® general purpose cleaners, Aquawash™ a water-based resin emuldifier designed for cleaning uncured resins & gel coats, Wipe-Bright® surface cleaners and Gun Flush®, for equipment maintenance, round out the industries most complete line of environmentally sensitive industrial cleaners.

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