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Established in 1921, Scott Bader is now a Euro 227 million global chemical company, employing over 650 people worldwide, with manufacturing sites located around the world including Europe, The Middle East, India, South Africa, Canada and South America.

Following a strategic business evaluation as part of its 10 year growth plan, Scott Bader has experienced significant global expansion, comprising Joint Ventures in Brazil and Saudi Arabia and an Acquisition in North America. With the combined resource, knowledge and expertise, Scott Bader continues to be a global leader in the manufacturing of Composites, Adhesives and Speciality Polymers, offering a full range of technologies and manufacturing capabilities.

Today Scott Bader remains committed to providing quality and innovation through investing in R&D, resulting in a steady flow of new products which is expected over the coming years.

We pioneer the future of chemistry, making a positive difference to all businesses we serve and each life we touch.” (Scott Bader’s Purpose Statement)


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