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Sika Advanced Resins US offers a wide range of modeling and tooling boards for a variety of applications.  All of our boards are dimensionally stable, have excellent surface aspect, good compression strength, high edge stability, superior machining characteristics, and low dust formation.

Polyurethane Modeling Boards

Sika Advanced Resins US Polyurethane Modeling Boards, which include foam boards (Labelite™ range) and brown boards (SikaBlock® M600 and MP-1055 Model Plank®) are lower density (<50 lbs/ft3) boards that are used for visual models and prototypes. Labelite™ boards have very fine cell structure and are ideal for large dimensional models, design models, painted embossed signs, and tool path checking.  Brown boards are economical, grain-free, and well suited for molds for low pressure RIM, prototype, limited production, vacuum forming, and light to moderate duty fixtures.

Polyurethane Tooling Boards

Our Polyurethane Tooling Boards are higher density boards (>50 lbs/ft3), used primarily for production tooling.  We offer gray board (DP-1051 Die Plank®) and red board (PP-1052 Pattern Plank®).  DP-1051 is aluminum-filled and designed for moderate to heavy duty checking, holding, assembly fixtures, and vacuum forming tools.  PP-1052 red board is tough, highly abrasion and impact-resistant, and is a cost effective alternative to metal.  As such, it is the top choice for prototype and production foundry patterns, core boxes, gating, risers, metal forming tools, stretch press dies, thermo- and vacuum-forming tools, low temp FRP, and carbon molds. 

Epoxy Tooling Boards

Lab 975 NEW, our Epoxy Tooling Board, is high temperature capable and is used for thermo- and vacuum-forming tools for limited production and curing 250°F prepreg in or out of autoclave.

For additional information, please visit our website:  www.usa.sikaadvancedresins.com

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