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TR Mold Release Products

Offers a wide range of mold care products to the composites market that include paste waxes, liquid waxes, polishing compounds & semi-permanent mold releases.

No matter if you are working on an initial plug prototype, new or reconditioned mold or class “A” finished part our comprehensive product offering is designed to facilitate and assist the fabricator in their entire process. We are your one stop mold release supplier offering economical solutions with advanced technology.

These benefits and proven results have been realized by composite manufactures for over 35 years. We invite you to join the growing family of TR users by evaluating a no charge sample.

For additional information, visit online: www.trindustries.com

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TER 900 Mold Release Products
TR 104 HT Mold Release
TR 216 Mold Release Product
TR 950 Multi-Pull Mold Release