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United Initiators is a leading manufacturer of ketone (MEKP/Catalyst) and benzoyl peroxides (BPO) in North America and Europe. We provide excellent support to end users wanting to improve cosmetics and manufacturing cycle times. We have a large selection of closed molding initiators (catalyst) to meet your manufacturing needs.

We have attained our leadership position in organic peroxides through superior products, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, excellent customer service, and exceptional “in the field” technical application support. We also provide initiator safety training and plant safety audits as part of our responsible care initiative.

We have more than 103 years of experience in organic peroxides. We provide a complete offering of other organic peroxide products including hydroperoxides, peroxyesters, peroxyketals, peroxydicarbonates, and other peroxides. We have developed world-class expertise in the manufacture and application of organic peroxides that helps us maintain our track record of leadership and superior customer satisfaction.
For more information, visit online: www.united-initiators.com

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