Pultrusion Process for Composites Benefits Many Industries

The pultrusion process is a method of composite product creation in which composite fibers are pulled through a resin bath and into a heated metal die shaped like the desired end-product. This heated die cures and compacts the fibers as they are pulled through the die, and then a pre-programmed automated saw cuts the product to the required length. This pultrusion process can be used to make materials for industries ranging from I-beams for construction applications to durable hockey stick handles for the recreation industry. 

The Benefits of Products Made with the Pultrusion Process

If you are considering purchasing anything from new ski poles for your next skiing holiday to structural components for your next building project, the pultrusion process can create composite products that have significant benefits for your business or personal leisure. Benefits of composite products made with the pultrusion process include:

  • High-strength
  • Light-weight
  • Excellent corrosion and rot resistance 
  • Non-conductive of electricity
  • Greater uniformity of products of the same type
  • Extremely low number of manufacturing defects in products

With all of these benefits, composite products made with the pultrusion process can ultimately save you money and last longer no matter what product you’re buying or what you’re using the product for. 

Industries that Can Benefit from Pultrusion Process Products

With all of the potential benefits of composite products made with the pultrusion process, few industries that cannot find some way to benefit from their use. Composite products made by the process of pultrusion have been used or could be used by industries such as:

  • Building and construction
  • Electrical utilities
  • Sports and recreation products
  • Some Aerospace applications

If your company is a member of these industries or any other industry that could use composite products as an alternative to other materials, composite products made by the pultrusion process can provide you with excellent benefits.

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