Release Fabric from Aerovac

Aerovac develops, manufacturers and supplies innovative composites process materials that create real value for customers by creating efficiencies and improving quality in their manufacturing processes. Among its portfolio of vacuum bagging and process materials, release fabrics are an important product category available through Composites One in North America or through Aerovac’s industry partners.

The role of release fabrics in vacuum infusion and vacuum bagging processes

Release fabrics are a key layer of process materials used in the layup for the vacuum bagging process, enabling a textured laminate surface for bonding and preventing the prevention of resin bleed. Release fabrics are commonly used by composites manufacturers in vacuum infusion and prepreg processing.

Release fabrics are utilized for composites processing in Aerospace, Automotive, Marine, Wind Energy, and other major markets. They are formulated to be resistant to solvents, adhesives and resin systems that are typically used in the manufacturing of composites. Release fabrics are designed to release from most commercial resin systems while preventing resin from transferring or bleeding through the release fabric and into the breather fabric. They enable easy removal from the cured laminate, creating a gloss finish on laminate surfaces even when used in high temperatures.

Release fabrics from Aerovac are available in a range of products with varying weights, lengths, and resin and cure temperature requirements. To meet customers’ specific applications and end use requirements, they are available with specifications varying from light to heavyweight woven fabrics in nylon, glass and polyester, with silicone and fluoropolymer coatings, and available in standard formats, slit widths and cut to shape. The range of release fabrics from Aerovac offers products that are ideal for use on flat or single curvature moldings in extreme temperature and pressure conditions, up to 608 degrees Fahrenheit (320 degrees Celsius).

Learn about the release fabric product lineup and specifications that are available from Aerovac.