Water Treatment Industry Benefits from Corrosion-Resistant Vinyl Ester and Polyester Resin Composites

Water treatment can involve highly corrosive chemicals like bleach, and raw materials like saltwater. Over time, these chemicals can wear away at corrosion-prone metals in piping, tanks and vessels. Corrosion-resistant materials like vinyl ester resin can be certified to environmental and industry standards to create a corrosion-resistant composite that withstands wastewater and freshwater treatment. Fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) composed of such resins are especially suitable for wastewater treatment systems, which can subject materials to dissolved solids that may damage most metals.

Vinyl ester resin, along with polyester resin, have several properties that make them ideal for use in the corrosion industry. In addition to their corrosion resistance, these materials tend to be lower cost, easier to handle, quick curing and higher strength compared with alternatives.

Desalination plant relies on resin to resist corrosion

One application of FRP composite piping is in the Carlsbad Desalination Plant in San Diego County. The plant provides clean water to around 300,000 people, and its large-diameter, above-ground, low-pressure piping is ideal for composite materials containing vinyl ester resin. The availability of such alternatives has made it easier for the state to build the plant, which is essential for the drought-prone area. 

Each day, the plant can economically transform up to 108 million gallons of undrinkable seawater to around 50 million gallons of potable drinking water. The 10 miles of pipeline had to be durable and safe; it features a corrosion barrier of epoxy vinyl ester resin and additional resin in the structural layers. The success of the Carlsbad plant may trigger additional desalination projects in the future, pointing to a continued need for high-quality composites.

Composites One is the leading supplier in North America of high-quality composite materials

Composites One is the leading distributor of composites and advanced composite material to the North American corrosion industry. The polyester and vinyl ester resins we supply are the most commonly used matrix resins to create composite parts, and can help corrosion industry sectors like wastewater, saltwater and freshwater treatment improve the lifespan and durability of equipment. To learn more about the materials we distribute, contact our technical specialists today.