Why Aerospace Manufacturers Stick with Composites One and 3M for Structural Film Adhesives

Film adhesives are used in aerospace composites manufacturing to reinforce the structural integrity of exterior or interior aircraft parts, as well as for maintenance and repair applications. Adhesives can replace weighty and corrosive mechanical fasteners in the production process while achieving less overall weight and increased production and cost efficiencies.

Structural film adhesives are used to bond various types of composites to one another or to adjoin a composite to a traditional material like metal for added reinforcement. There are also structural adhesives available for metal-to-metal bonding. Epoxy is a common material used in film adhesives that can be used for bonding a wide variety of substrates in sizes, including metal, honeycomb, and composite.

In aerospace composites manufacturing, adhesive film bonding relieves the weight of components, parts, and overall aircraft structures by joining lightweight composites in place of weighty metallic materials. The use of composite materials enables fabricators to maintain the integrity of interior and structural parts while also increasing erosion resistance performance.

Film adhesives come with versatile product specifications in terms of weights and thicknesses and are customizable based on the end application to meet many composites manufacturing needs. They have varying required curing times and temperatures and can expedite production processes with less mixing and mess. Film adhesives are available for use in low and high viscosities.

Composites One customers can access leading adhesive films from 3M

Composites One holds a partnership with 3M to distribute its product line of structural adhesive films that enable manufacturing efficiencies, reduce processing times, and lower overall aircraft weight. 3M is widely recognized for its high standards of product quality and performance, with benefits of cost savings by reducing waste, rework, and time.

3M film adhesive products include heat-curing, easy handling films that are designed to meet numerous customer specs in aerospace manufacturing in an easy application film form that can be pressure, heat or solvent tacked in position.

Composites One’s partnership with 3M to distribute its line of innovative OEM specified film adhesives is in place to serve the aerospace composites industry. With the support of our technical experts, customers can select the ideal adhesive for their application and achieve the desired manufacturing requirements, aesthetic, strength, and performance.

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