Why the Right Equipment Matters in Composites Manufacturing

Selecting the right equipment for your composite manufacturing process is critical to reaching the end production goals. In a recent Composites Tech Talks series – a joint presentation by Composites One and IACMI (Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation) hosted LIVE on social media – supplier partner, Magnum Venus Products (MVP), explained the importance of equipment selection.

As a global manufacturer of fluid movement and production solutions, the composites experts at MVP know-how selecting the right equipment can help composites manufacturers achieve desired production goals. MVP works alongside Composites One in serving customers in the aerospace, marine, infrastructure, wind energy, transportation, and consumer recreation segments to find the right equipment to match their goals.

Utilizing the right equipment to maximize efficiency

Common composites manufacturing goals include reducing waste and labor, achieving better quality and less downtime, or perhaps moving to a closed mold application to address a number of these key performance indicators. Starting with production goals for the future can help shape the right equipment and process solutions to implement today.

Once you fully understand the production goals you are working toward, it’s important to work with industry leaders who collaborate with other experts in the field. Composites One, in partnership with the Closed Mold Alliance, IACMI, and supplier partners such as MVP, can assist each customer to make their unique processes more efficient and produce quality parts at a better rate.

Maximizing the power of automation

Automation is important to the future of composites manufacturing to help maximize labor and meet the high demand for composite parts. With labor shortages being a primary challenge across many industries, composites manufacturing included, automation can help create repeatable processes that reduce waste while keeping the operation running efficiently. MVP and Composites One work with manufacturers to engineer custom solutions for fully automated processes that include built-in safety features and in-process quality assurance to implement into their production lines.

In addition to making sure you are using the equipment you need to reach maximum efficiency and generate high-quality parts, it’s important to have a robust preventative maintenance program to ensure the equipment keeps working toward these goals.

Leveraging expert advice

Our valued relationships with suppliers like MVP provide the complete solutions customers need to put composites materials and processes to work for them. Together we provide not a single solution, but the right solution for customers’ unique requirements and end goals.

The ability to talk with experts in the field helps ensure you are employing the right equipment and manufacturing process for the job—and if you’re not—the expert guidance to implement the materials and processes into your production that will get you there.

Composites One works with our valued suppliers to provide materials that will be effective for various manufacturing requirements. Composites One can guide customers on the most appropriate products and processes for their specific applications and, through our extensive supplier partner network, help develop the right solution.

Watch our Composites Tech Talk to understand more about selecting the right equipment matters for composites manufacturing processes and production goals.