Benefits of Composite Corrosion Resistance for National Park Auto Bridges

Corrosion resistance is one of the primary benefits of composite materials in general, and these materials are beginning to enter extensive use in the infrastructure of recreational areas such as national parks.

One of the primary areas where the corrosion resistance of composite materials can be used best effect in national parks is in the auto bridges that many of these parks contain.

How National Parks and Their Automobile Bridges Benefit from the Corrosion Resistance of Composites

Since the national park system contains more than 1,400 automobile bridges, the corrosion resistance of composite materials could bring a host of benefits to both the National Park Service and the automobile bridges that they must maintain.

In fact, composite materials are being manufactured in an ever-growing number of forms, including things like roadbed panels, railings and structural beams, that could bring this benefit of composite materials to these bridges.

Many of these bridges are in remote or environmentally hostile areas that have a high number of corrosive factors that these bridges must deal with regularly, including, water, wind, ice, snow and sand. 

However, all of these corrosive factors can be more easily dealt with in the automobile bridges of national parks thanks to the benefits of corrosion resistance that come with composite materials.

Indeed, the benefits of such resistance for these bridges and the National Park Service include:

  • Lower amount of wear and tear due to corrosion
  • Significant cost savings on bridge maintenance over the life of the bridge
  • The longer life of bridges constructed with composite materials compared to wood or steel bridges

All of these and other benefits of the corrosion resistance of composites may help to make the auto bridges in parks safer, easier to maintain and more cost-effective overall for a cash-strapped National Park Service.

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