Epoxy & Curing Agents

Epoxy & Curing Agents are used in: Aerospace, Construction, Infrastructure, Marine, Wind Energy / Power

Epoxy products are used for a wide range of applications including wind energy, civil engineering, infrastructure, and construction.

The combination of epoxy resin and selected curing agents provide a wide range of options for reactivity, pot life, cure rate, chemical resistance, wear resistance, adhesion, flexibility and other properties required to meet specific end-use requirements. Epoxy resins provide several benefits including excellent chemical resistance, high mechanical strength and toughness and high temperature performance. Epoxy resins are used in high performance applications where superior mechanical and physical properties are required.


  • Lattice Composites
  • Broadview Technologies, Inc.
  • Endurance Technologies
  • Gurit
  • Huntsman Advanced Materials
  • Lindau Chemicals, Inc.
  • Olin
  • Premium Resin Tech LLC ( R & D Resin)
  • PRO-SET (Gougeon)
  • Rhino Linings
  • Sika Advanced Resins

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