Carbon Fiber in Everyday Applications

Today, carbon fiber is being used in such a diverse range of applications. Research has shown that carbon fiber provides a superior increase in tensile strength, a dramatic reduction in weight, and an overall increase in durability. As the market continues to demand higher quality, efficient product offerings, carbon fiber is likely to be adopted into many more everyday applications. Carbon fiber composites provide manufacturers from the consumer sporting goods, aviation, and automobile industry with a viable solution to replace traditional materials. 

Take a moment to read through some of the most common uses of carbon fiber. You can contact our team at Composites One for more information regarding carbon fiber and other composite materials. We are the leading supplier of composite materials in North America, and our technical sales team is ready to support you in any way we can. 

Sporting Goods with Carbon Fiber Material

Consumers seek out the highest quality sporting goods equipment they can get their hands on in order to maximize performance. Carbon fiber is one of the materials of choice for manufacturing strong, lightweight sporting goods such as fishing poles, tennis rackets, skis, golf clubs, and many action sport products. 

Carbon Fiber Composites for Automobiles

Today consumers are seeking automobiles that have a smaller impact on the environment. In order to manufacture vehicles that consume fewer fossil fuels, manufacturers are being asked to produce cars with reduced overall weight. Replacing traditional metals such as steel and aluminum with application-specific carbon fiber composites can help reduce the necessary weight to improve fuel efficiency.

Aviation Advancements with Carbon Fiber Composites

Aerospace and aviation manufacturers continually seek out materials that will enhance both the efficiency of the aircraft as well as the passenger’s experience. In the same way that carbon fiber materials can improve automobile fuel efficiency, aircrafts can benefit from the lightweight, strong properties. 

Why Choose Composites One as Your Carbon Fiber Supplier

Composites One is the leading supplier of composite and high performance materials such as carbon fiber in North America. Our team of skilled technical sales representatives helps companies find the most effective material for their needs. Our goal is to supply you with the best composite materials so you can move forward with your production. Contact our team at Composites One today for more information.