DION® 6631 and DION® 9102-70 – Corrosion Resistant Resins

Polynt Reichhold Group’s DION® resins are among the most established and best-recognized products in the corrosion-resistant resin market. DION® resins were originally developed for some extremely demanding applications in the chlor-alkali industry and their success has led to diverse and highly regarded applications. DION® resins have shown good long term performance when used in composite tanks and pipes as well as other structural parts made for the corrosion industry. DION® resins are known for their excellent chemical resistance and high mechanical properties in corrosive environments. More specifically, these resins have shown excellent durability within the chemically and oil/ gas industries, as well as the pulp and paper sectors.  The high resilience and water resistance of DION® resins also makes them particularly suitable for marine applications such as boat hulls and swimming pools, as well as for use in building and construction where resistance to high static and dynamic loads is required.  In applications requiring fatigue resistance and toughness, DION® resins have also proven themselves to be well suited.  This includes use in the wind energy, aviation and transportation sectors.

DION® 6631 Series are pre-promoted, thixotropic, corrosion grade isophthalic polyester resins. These versatile products feature high molecular weight and crosslink density, and offer good corrosion resistance in a variety of aqueous and acidic media. The performance of DION® 6631 Series resins has been proven by over 50 years of successful service.

DION® IMPACT 9102-70 (US) is a bisphenol-epoxy vinyl ester resin that provides improved curing at low promoter levels for enhanced performance, especially in filament winding operations, while maintaining outstanding mechanical properties and the corrosion-resistance of the DION® 9100 Series resins. This resin technology produces a very low color which translates to better aesthetics in final composites equipment. DION® IMPACT 9102-70 (US) is unique because it is certified to NSF/ANSI 61 for use in domestic and commercial drinking water applications in both piping and tanks.  DION® IMPACT 9102-70 (US) can be used in hand lay-up, spray-up and filament winding applications. It also adapts to other methods of fabrication with no additional modifications.  DION® IMPACT 9102-70(US) is Certified to NSF/ANSI 61 for use in domestic and commercial potable water applications in both piping and tanks.

View DION® 6631 Series Technical Data Sheet

View DION® 9102-70 Technical Data Sheet