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With our dedicated team of advanced composites specialists and our extensive line of high performance materials, Composites One is the best resource for all composite needs in the aerospace industry. Read More


Composite materials offer great advantages for the construction industry, and working with Composites One can offer even more value. Read More

Consumer Recreation

Manufacturers within the consumer recreation market can count on Composites One for all of the finest products needed in the industry. Read More

Defense / Ballistics

Composites offer several benefits in the defense and ballistics field, and Composites One can help manufacturers choose the right products they need to construct high performing defense and ballistics products. Read More

Industrial Corrosion

As the industrial corrosion market continues to grow, fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) has shown to be the superior choice in this industry, relative to traditional materials. Read More


When it comes to the production of infrastructure, composites are the ideal material to use. Composites are used in building and construction, architecture and infrastructure applications, particularly as a reinforcing material. Read More

Marble / Solid Surface

As demand for marble and solid surface product increases, manufacturers need the best raw materials for production, and that’s what Composites One provides.Read More


With an extensive line of products for the marine industry, backed by technical support and regulatory assistance, Composites One can provide everything a manufacturer needs in the marine market. Read More


Whether specializing in automotive, rail, or RV, Composites One provides all the necessary resources to help manufacturers succeed in the transportation industry. Read More

Wind Energy

Involved in new and emerging markets, Composites One offers the materials needed to participate in wind energy and other power generation industries. Read More