Case Study: Baja Boats Bonds Decks to Hulls With Plexus Adhesives

A leading manufacturer of high-performance speedboats, Baja Boats builds its new Outlaw of balsa and fiberglass laminate. The boat is finished with an extremely glossy gelcoat.

Plexus “Fiberglass Fusion” Adhesives provide the superior bond strength required for the deck-to-hull joints. The methacrylate adhesives bond to the fiberglass with a “death grip” forming a chemical bond so strong the fiberglass will delaminate before the bond fails.

With traditional construction methods, deck and hull are bolted together. Severe cracking or crazing can occur around the fasteners due to normal load stresses. Bonding with Plexus Adhesives eliminates the cracking problem and distributes stresses along the entire deck-to-hull joint instead of a limited number of bolt holes.

Baja observes that Plexus Adhesives allow faster, easier assembly; distribute stresses more evenly across the entire joint; produce stronger joints and boats; and reduce cracking and crazing of gelcoat.

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