Product Highlight: HK Revolution Polymer

Revolution Series Grafted Polymer
Using a proprietary polymer grafting technique blended with styrene and MMA, HK Research has developed a Grafted PolymerTM that is truly “Revolutionary!” This grafted polymer has multiple reactive sites that allow superior cross-link density (high molecular weights = best weathering and water resistance) using shorter polymer chains (better in-shop application properties). AND this new grafted polymer has inherent flexibility. This yields a highly flexible, strong, user friendly product.

The resulting product, when properly applied, yields the following properties:

  • Npg/isophthalic grafted polymer backbone
  • Low styrene (hap) level – less than 29% – meets all current epa 
mact regulations
  • Formulated into high performance colors
  • Excellent uv, blush & blister resistance
  • High strength and hardness & 5.5-6.5% elongation in tensile (i.e. No more cracking!)
  • Exceptionally easy patch & repair properties
  • User-friendly application properties

Download Product Data Sheet