Product Highlights: MicroMax® NS

MicroMax® NS – Microporous Protection from Dirt, Grease, Grime and Liquid Splash you need, with the Blood and Viral Protection You Deserve 

MicroMax® NS is a line of general purpose protective clothing that can be used in work environments where hazardous or nonhazardous contaminants may be present. Very economical and lightweight, MicroMax® NS features a high Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (MVTR) for added wearer comfort.  MicroMax® NS is strong, wet or dry, perfect for work environments where dirt, grime, splashes, and spills are present. 

Liquid under pressure will not pass through MicroMax® NS fabric, making it an ideal solution for power washing and wastewater treatment plants. This also allows MicroMax® NS to provide the Blood and Viral protection that many other well-known brands do not.

MicroMax NS