Product Highlights: Pyrolon® Plus 2

Pyrolon® Plus 2 – The First Line of Defense for your Thermally Protective and Arc Rated Clothing 

Pyrolon® Plus 2 comes with all the essential features, distinct advantages and assurances of protection that only quality design and materials can deliver. Specifically treated to be oil and water repellent, Pyrolon® Plus 2 is breathable, offering you cool, comfortable and disposable protection for your expensive Primary FR/ARC Rated Garments.  

Pyrolon® Plus 2 can be used in work environments where hazardous or non-hazardous contaminants might be present. Let Pyrolon® Plus 2 help keep your Primary Protective Garments from becoming saturated in potentially harmful or flammable products that could reduce the effectiveness and longevity of your Protective Apparel.

Pyrolon Plus 2