Corrosion Resistance of Composite Materials Makes Them Ideal for Boat Fittings

The marine environment is an extremely corrosive one thanks to the highly corrosive effects of salt water, so it seems logical that composite materials are a great fit for maritime applications because of their natural corrosion resistance. In spite of this and other benefits of composite fittings, many boats are still using metal fittings that can potentially corrode. 

The Benefits of Composite Boat Fittings Goes Beyond Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion resistance is undoubtedly the most important quality that composite boat fittings bring to the marine environment. In fact, composite materials are resistant to the corrosive effects of things like salt water, chemical, exhaust fumes and more. 

However, the benefits of composite boat fittings go far beyond just corrosion resistance. Indeed, there are a number of other important benefits that composite fittings bring to the table, including reduced weight. 

Weight is an important factor for boats because it can affect fuel efficiency, speed, handling and stability. The increase of composite materials in aspects such as boat fittings can lead to a decrease in weight that can positively affect all four of these boat characteristics. 

In fact, boat owners can now take advantage of the corrosion resistance and weight-saving benefits of composite materials in more and more boat components. Composite boat components that can be purchased that make use of these benefits include: 

  • Sailboat masts
  • Hose fittings and pipes
  • Through-hull fittings
  • Sailboat rigging
  • Propellers

With all of these products and more to choose from, boat owners have more options than ever before that can assist them in taking advantage of the corrosion resistance and other benefits of composite materials. 

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