How is the Aerospace MRO Industry Benefiting from the Use of Composite Materials?

Over the past several years, the aerospace industry has begun to transition toward composite materials to improve the overall structural durability of aircrafts. While composite materials offer several benefits to the aerospace industry, such as an improved life cycle and stronger material, certain sectors of the aerospace industry are especially benefitting from this shift in materials. Namely, the choice to use more composite materials has yielded a number of benefits for the aerospace MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) sector.


Why is the aerospace industry choosing composite materials over traditional materials?

The aerospace industry has turned to composite materials for aircraft structure (both interior and exterior) due to the durability and resistance of composite materials. While traditional materials wear down over time, composites such as carbon fiber are corrosion resistant and can withstand high temperatures and pressure without altering the integrity of the material. Other composite materials, such as epoxy and other structural adhesives, also improve the life cycle of aircrafts due to the corrosion resistant nature of the materials.

Composites also offer the aerospace industry flexibility, with the ability to pre-impregnate materials to make them match the exact specifications needed. These are called prepregs, and they can be used to strengthen both internal or external aircraft features.


Composites reduce fatigue-related maintenance for the aerospace MRO sector

The adoption of composite materials into the aerospace industry has drastically reduced corrosion-related maintenance and repairs. Airbus reported a 60% reduction in fatigue- and corrosion-related maintenance tasks for the A350 XWB since the adoption of composites. The claim for the reduction is based on the amount of time it takes for each maintenance check and the amount of maintenance checks each aircraft requires during its lifecycle.


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