Advanced Resins

Advanced Resins are used in: Aerospace, Consumer Recreation, Marine, Wind Energy / Power

Epoxies and other advanced resin systems have excellent physical properties that make them ideal for composites parts with more demanding requirements.

Advanced resin systems are less flammable and offer greater durability and strength, as well as lower shrinkage, longer shelf life, and superior moisture, chemical and impact resistance. Free of styrene, epoxy resins do not contain VOCs. They may have a longer cure cycle.

specialty resins in golf equipment
power tower made with specialty resins

Featured Suppliers

Huntsman Advanced Materials

Offers a unique and wide-range of innovative, high-performance specialty epoxy resins using fiber reinforcement technologies.

Nan Ya Anwin Group

With facilities in Taiwan, Nan Ya Anwin Group is one of main Epoxy Resin suppliers in the world with a capacity of 200,000 mt/year.


The leading global supplier of composite materials, engineering services, tooling equipment, and select parts and systems.

Rhino Linings

Rhino Linings Corporation is a global manufacturer and supplier of world-class linings, foams and structural composites.


  • Bayer Material Science, LLC
  • Cass Polymers
  • Lindau Chemicals, Inc.
  • Premium Resin Tech LLC ( R & D Resin)
  • Versaflex Inc.
  • West System, Inc.

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