Modern Uses of Composite Filament Winding

Filament winding is a process that’s been used to create composite products for more than 70 years now. This process has a reputation for producing composite products that are both strong and lightweight quickly and cost-effectively. Modernized versions of filament winding are being used today to create many types of modern composite products.

Some modern products created using composite filament winding

Filament winding is a multi-step process that’s used to make composite structures out of various types of continuous composite filaments. First, the continuous composite filaments are fed through a resin bath. These resin impregnated filaments are then pulled onto a mandrel, which also determines the size of the final composite product. Finally, the filament is cut once the product has reached the correct size, and the mandrel is removed.

Over the last 70 years, this process has been used to make a variety of composite structures and products. Originally, it was used to create solid rocket motor cases after World War II. Today, filament winding is used to create products for such economic sectors as the recreation products, automobile, marine and aerospace industries. The products created for these industries by the filament winding process come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some of the composite products that this process is used to create today include:

  • Golf club shafts
  • Automobile drive shafts
  • Sailboat masts
  • Oars and paddles for small boats
  • Small aircraft fuselages
  • Spacecraft structures
  • Pressure vessels like firefighter oxygen bottles

What’s even more impressive is that this is only a short list of the products that can be created using the filament winding process. Indeed, it’s safe to say that this process will be helping create numerous new composite products for decades to come.

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