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Filament Winding

Modern Uses of Composite Filament Winding

Filament winding is a process that’s been used to create composite products for more than 70 years now. This process has a reputation for producing composite products that are both strong and lightweight quickly and cost-effectively. Modernized versions of filament winding are being used today to create many types of modern composite products. Some modern Read More…

Filament Winding

Filament Winding Information With filament winding, fiber filaments are wetted with a resin and then wound around a rotating mandrel at various angles to meet mechanical requirements. The structure is then cured and the mandrel is removed. Pipe and other hollow parts are made via filament winding. Read more:

Filament Winding Composite Structure Fabrication

Filament winding is one of the oldest composite manufacturing methods. It was probably the first method to be automated, and remains today one of the most cost effective methods for mass production. Filament winding is also somewhat unique, being one of very few processes that does not build up the composite one uniform ply at Read More…