"Composites One recognizes my achievements in many ways. From celebrating years of service to the company to safety milestones to sales incentives, each employee is made to feel a part of the success of the company."

- Pam Prough, MRO Market Manager, Arlington Heights. IL

Employee Recognition

Composites One also offers various programs throughout the year to recognize our employees for their accomplishments. Some of the company-wide programs include:

  • Anniversary Celebration: Every April, we have a special luncheon at each location to commemorate the anniversary of Composites One, as well as to recognize the employees who are celebrating their service milestones.
  • Margin Builder Awards: Our Margin Builder Awards were established in 2002 to recognize those top distribution centers and sales representatives who increase margin on an annual basis. Each year, we distinguish four distribution centers and three sales reps for their outstanding performance and reward them for their efforts.
  • Safety Incentive Program: Our Safety Incentive Program was created to remind our team members to honor our commitment to safety and to reward various locations for their exceptional efforts to act in a manner that promotes safe behavior.

Other company-wide achievements are recognized on occasion, such as our WMS Accomplishment Day, when we celebrated the establishment of a new warehouse management system. There are also location-specific celebrations or activities from time to time to help with team-building. We often share these stories through our internal newsletters to inspire others to develop new ideas.

Why Composites One

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Tambi Jones
Distribution Center Manager
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Human Resources Coordinator
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Great Lakes Sales Manager