"Composites One recognizes my achievements in many ways. From celebrating years of service to the company to safety milestones to sales incentives, each employee is made to feel a part of the success of the company."

- Pam Prough, MRO Market Manager, Arlington Heights. IL

Employee Engagement

At Composites One we are committed to ensuring our team members experience a high level of engagement and connection. Team member engagement is a critical component of our culture and a key driver of our success!

We believe that strong connections and relationships help to promote team member retention, foster team loyalty, and improve our overall performance and ability to deliver value to our customers.  To ensure our team members are provided with opportunities to understand and connect with our company objectives we have formalized some of these processes detailed below:

  • Team Meetings: We believe that when our team members have consistent and frequent opportunities to develop and grow positive relationships with their manager and members of the leadership team it will result in a highly engaged team. Our distribution centers conduct “Team Meetings” during which local managers along with visiting Senior Leaders share a review of our company metrics which can include safety goals, financial benchmarks, industry specifics, and company news. This time allows for all team members to ask questions, make suggestions towards continuous improvement, and connect with their team outside of the workday.
    • Safety Huddles: Our local teams regularly meet to discuss safety concerns, highlight and review new initiatives, and discuss how we can best support our customers while going home safely to our families every day.
  • Annual Corporate Meetings: Each year, we bring one functional area together for networking, training, and to help promote our team culture. This allows the opportunity for our team members to meet their functional peers from across the company in person and further develop lasting professional relationships.
  • Stellar Service/New Team member Orientation – All new team members participate in a training program that provides an overview of the company, our industry and the various company functions and resources. This program also presents our Stellar Service principles which are the bedrock of our customer service philosophy.
  • Waggl Pulses – Throughout the year, we ask our team members to provide feedback on hot topics for the organization via a pulse survey. These surveys allow our employees to see the feedback and ideas of others, and vote for change and opportunities for continuous improvement.

Composites One truly values each team member, we know that our team is what makes us great!

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