Personal Protective Equipment: OSHA Requirements

If you’re someone who works in the composite materials manufacturing field, then having the right personal protective equipment for your position is vital to staying healthy. 

However, one of the most common issues with safety equipment is the simple fact that many people don’t make sure that theirs is properly maintained. 

To avoid this potentially dangerous occurrence, there are some simple things that you can do to keep your personal protective equipment in good working order. 

Ways to Ensure Your Personal Protective Equipment Is in Good Repair

In the composite manufacturing facility, personal protective equipment is critical for you if you work on the production floor because you are constantly exposed to hazardous dust and toxic materials. 

While limited exposure to these hazards may not lead to serious issues, consistent and continuous exposure to composite workplace hazards may be much more serious.

To deal with any issues properly, you should make sure that your safety equipment fits you well and is well-maintained.

To ensure that you’re maintaining your protective equipment properly there are several steps that you can take. These simple and easy steps include:

  • Making sure you have cleaned your equipment before using it on your next shift
  • Checking that all of your equipment fits tightly when you first put it on
  • Adjusting your equipment if it does not fit properly or obtaining a different size
  • Letting your supervisor know immediately if your equipment is damaged

By performing these and other simple actions as you don your safety equipment for your next shift, you can ensure that your equipment is in proper working order and is well-maintained so that you won’t have to worry about the hazards present in your workplace.

Composites One Knows the Value of Personal Protective Equipment

At Composites One, our team knows that ensuring your workers have the proper personal protective equipment is one of the most important safety duties that your company has. That’s why we offer safety equipment supplies as well as information on using it properly and maintaining it well.

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