PPE: Eye protection vital for composite company workforces

There are many types of personal protective equipment, or PPE, that are vital for workers in the composites industry. However, having proper eye protection is one of the most critical forms of protection these workers require.

Why eye protection is critical PPE for members of the composite industry workforce

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is responsible for setting national standards of safety for the composites industry in the United States. For instance, personal protective equipment is listed as one of the four required workplace controls for the composites industry in OSHA guidelines. These safety standards also include information regarding the types of personal protective equipment that workers in the composites industry require.

One of the most important types of personal protective equipment that composite industry workers are required to use is eye protection. Eye protection is essential because of the many eye hazards that exist in composite manufacturing facilities. One of the biggest of these hazards is the chemicals used in many composite manufacturing processes. Many of these chemicals can do significant damage to the eye if it’s exposed to chemical fumes. Chemicals can also cause eye damage if they’re accidentally splashed into the worker’s eye. Composite fiber particles are another hazard that eye protection guards composite industry workers from.

To help protect the eyes of the composite industry’s workforce, there are two main types of eye protection commonly used. These two types are safety glasses and safety goggles. Safety glasses are useful for workers who aren’t in close contact with eye hazards on a regular basis. They’re also lighter and easier to put on and take off than safety goggles. Safety goggles are usually more appropriate for workers who are regularly in close proximity to composite manufacturing processes. This form of eye protection is better for such workers because it offers a higher level of eye protection than safety glasses do.

Using either safety glasses or safety goggles in composite manufacturing facilities is an important safety control for workers in the composites industry. Along with other forms of personal protective equipment, these forms of eye protection help reduce the likelihood of accidental injury while workers are on the job.

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