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MVP strives to provide the best client experience in the composites equipment industry. We offer personalized service along with superior design, engineering and manufacturing.

MVP is the leading manufacturer of composites application equipment, while also serving other industries such as Adhesives, Foam, and Polyurea Coatings with our same core strengths.

MVP also specializes in Advanced Equipment Design developing custom equipment applications for filament winding among others. MVP has been providing pumping systems and other products that have been used by companies who manufacture products such as hot tubs, boats, wind turbine blades, automotive parts, radar domes and more for over 60 years.

The product line includes the Patriot™, UltraMAX™ and Pro Series pumping systems, Versa-Wind line of standard and multi-axis filament winders, Flex Molding Process for closed molding, and multiple systems designed for the dispense of specialty materials. In recent months MVP has broadened its product line to include equipment and applications for the foam and polyurethane industries, along with polyureas, adhesives and epoxies. MVP is pushing to showcase our quality and expertise to many industries.

Contact us today at +1 (865) 245-9506 or info@mvpind.com and visit us at www.mvpind.com!

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