Patriot Gelcoat Systems

Patriot Gelcoat Systems

• Unique Patriot™ pumping system
• Catalyst-to-resin variances less than 1%
• Lower production costs
• Versatile modular components
• Available in Internal & External Mix configurations

This precision is the tool used to correct many of the quality issues, such as porosity, pre-release, post curing, cracking, alligatoring, inconsistent thickness and more that currently face composites manufacturers.

The Patriot™ Gelcoat Systems feature a deep induction heat hardened Fluid Section which is then coated with a thick hard chrome layer to increase the wear characteristics of the system, allowing it to run for longer periods. Both the Fluid Section and Catalyst Pump on Patriot™ feature the new “self-healing” seal that has the lowest coefficients of friction available today. This seal does not require packing adjustments, and greatly reduces the problems associated with heat buildup and wear.

Patriot™ Systems are built with modular components to create the optimum configuration for your needs, and keeps you running. Utilizing quick-change components extends the system life and allows for little or no down time. The major components change out in 10 minutes or less.
Choose your preference: available in internal and external mix configurations that both deliver versatile and precise gelcoat performance.

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