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At the R.J. Marshall Company we seek to make our customers successful by supplying innovative, quality focused industrial raw materials and supplies for cast polymer and composites manufacturers and flame retardant solutions for the thermoset and thermoplastics industries. 

The R.J. Marshall Company was founded by Richard J. and Joan E. Marshall in May 1978. Originally conceived as a manufacturer representative company, R.J. Marshall sold commodity grade industrial raw materials. Soon, they found a way to offer a solution to the inconsistent quality of materials drawn from individual mines: a better way to achieve the best possible properties from batch to batch. This kind of consistency and quality has been the hallmark of the R.J. Marshall reputation even today. 

Offering a broad base of products to both the cast polymer and composites markets as well as the wire and cable industry, R.J. Marshall with its flame retardant and smoke suppressant division; Marshall Additive Technologies, and its subsidiary; Marshall Gruber Company, can service a full range of solutions to manufactures for a variety of applications. 


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