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Toray Advanced Composites is a leading supplier to the aerospace industry, providing advanced thermoset and thermoplastic composite materials for the production of lightweight structures for the latest generation of commercial, general aviation, military and unmanned aircraft. As the leading supplier of composite materials to the satellite, space exploration and launch industries, you will find our composites on almost every satellite and launch vehicle produced in the Western world. We also manufacture materials for applications in the motorsport, consumer, and industrial markets.

Our product portfolio consists of market leading thermoplastic prepregs, under the Toray Cetex® brand, for innovative aerospace and industrial applications, and thermoset prepregs for out-of-autoclave (OOA) and vacuum-bag-only (VBO) applications. Toray also provides compatible film adhesives, syntactics, and resins to help our customers develop and produce advanced structures with a single supplier and partner.

Supplier in Action

Toray Cetex® Thermoplastic
Toray Epoxy – Wing Spar
Toray Cetex® Thermoplastic – A350 XWB fuselage clips
Toray Cetex® Thermoplastic UD Tape