Product Data Sheets & Selector Guides

Toray Advanced Composites is a global leader in the development and manufacture of a wide range of advanced composite material solutions for aerospace, satellite, communications, and high-performance industrial markets. Our goal is to increase our customers’ advantage with our market-leading product portfolio, a world-class technical support team, and award-winning customer service.

Learn more about our advanced composite materials in these selector guides.

Toray Aerospace Advanced Composite Materials Selector Guide

Toray Industrial Advanced Composite Materials Selector Guide

Take an in-depth look at select Toray products with these product data sheets.

Toray Cetex TC1200 PEEK PDS

Toray Cetex TC1100 PPS PDS

Toray Cetex TC960 PP PDS

Toray Cetex TC940 PET PDS

Toray Cetex TC930 HDPE PDS

Toray Cetex TC910 PA6 PDS

MicroPly TC310 Epoxy PDS

MicroPly TC263 Epoxy PDS

MicroPly TC235SF-1 LS Epoxy PDS

MicroPly EM-3 Epoxy PDS

BT250E-6 Epoxy PDS